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    VBA 6.5 to VBA 7.0

    We have a small VBA app at work that are witten in VBA 6.5
    The program rather small and simple ( i did not write it and are a complet newbe here) and gather information for various sharepoint lists and makes different pdf files . (simply put)

    after my company upgraded form excel 2007 to excel 2010 (vba 7.0) excel is shutting down when trying to use the vba
    "excel has stopped working"
    choises: restart or debug

    Debug tries to use Visual studio 2010.. and that want work.

    so im in the dark

    would be very happy if any had any suggestions..

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    Sounds like you have installed the 64-bit version if Office 2010. The code for Office 2007 is 32-bit.

    The simple and recommend solution is to uninstall Office 64-bit version and install the Office 32-bit version. Even Microsoft recommends using the 32-bit version.

    If you must use the 64-bit version then you will need to upgrade the code to 64-bit.
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