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    Bought a Refurbished HP Win 8 PC

    Like many others, I am a great fan and longtime user of Win XP-Pro, but have been forced to upgrade due to the no longer supporting of XP. I bought a refurbished HP Desktop PC, 8 GB, 1TB hard drive 64bit with Windows 8 and Norton anti-virus software. To make a long story short, I tried to remove Norton, and when I did, it disabled everything ! Office 2013, Picasa, JV 16 Power Tools, Avast! ---- nothing worked! It was still under warranty, so after 2 hours on the telephone with Kuala Lampur --- We had to do a clean re-install, so I lost all my photos and documents, but now I've got the operating system and Office 2013 back.

    When I bought it, it came with just the PC tower, mouse, and keyboard --- no documentation. It suggested that I make a back-up disc or flash drive "just in case you have to restore the system at a later date". BUT IT DIDN'T TELL ME HOW TO DO THAT! I just bought Woody's "Windows 8 all-in-one for Dummies" the 10 books in one version. Can anyone help point me to the section or page where I can find out how to make a back-up just in case I need to once again "restore" a system that doesn't want to let me open anything but the desktop page?

    THANKS in advance.

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    Welcome to the Lounge Socalal!

    Does this webpage from HP Support help?

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    Hello Browni. Too late, this user had done a full re-install.

    Socalal, greetings. There are a few programmes out there whereby you can do this backup. I am dedicated to doing clones my own philosophy that is not endorsed by all but a few are alongside. There are two procedures involved, doing clones or doing images. Either would have solved your problem. I use Acronis ( paid ) and I am quite satisfied with it. As mentioned, I use it to do clones, a bit for bit mirror of my machine the purpose is that if need be, I can reverse the process and go from Destination to Source, these being an external USB HD and the C:\ HD in the machine. Keep in mind that the process was first to go C:\ to USB to do the clone. There are writers here who do images, ask them too.

    I just recently acquired a Lenovo refurbished myself and the documentation is to be found on their site. Try it on the HP site, arm yourself with the model numbers and type first.

    As far as removing Norton, one has to go to their site and use their own Remove process. If you are foolhardy, you could go to Regedit and do this yourself. Not for the faint of heart.

    Do not hesitate to come back here, multi friendly users are here to read and reply. Jean.
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    Computers are not going to tell you anything, what you need to do is take some initiative
    I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from your mistake of not backing up a refurbished computer
    when you first purchased it. I don't mean to sound rude here, but your troubles with this are/were 100% preventable.

    For many excellent tutorials about Windows 8/8.1 go to the sticky section of the Windows 8 forum here.
    You can do the same for "backups" in the maintenance forum.
    We highly recommend 3rd party backup applications as opposed to an MS solution.

    How to Create a "System Repair Disc" (CD/DVD) in Windows 8
    How to Create a Recovery Flash Drive for Windows 8 (and Free Up Some Hard Drive Space)

    Macrium Reflect free
    Macrium Reflect USB Rescue Options

    Acronis TI
    Acronis TI (how to articles/videos)

    Windows 8 as seen from Google Search:
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    I agree with you Clint but the problem is most folks don't know that they need to do that ahead of time, otherwise they probably would. We all get at least occasionally blindsided by the "fool me once" circumstance. You and I know there's a time and place to pluck Norton out by its scorpion tail but I bet most folks think Norton is just there to be their friend, to protect them in time of need...

    Coincidentally I just set up a refurb HP with Win 8 on it as well Socalal, did not image before working it over with a good stiff cleaning brush and got away with it so I'm definitely in the camp of do as I say and by no means what I do! Most of my fool me once days are behind me.

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