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    Copy from one sheet to another depending on the date entered.

    Hi all,

    I have a database where I enter data onto the first sheet call "All years table." I then have sheets specific to the individual years. What I want is is to enter the info into the "All Years Table" and have it copy over to the corresponding sheet I.E if I enter the date 12/12/2013 in "All Years Table" it will copy over to "2013 table" I have included a dummy file so you can see how I have my table set up.

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer.


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    I do not recommend the practive of trying to keep multiple copies of the same data in sync. In practice it is easier to maintain a master list and use filtering to limit what it viewed. The whole list can be filtered to look like the 2013 and any charts made with the whole will be plotted with only the filtered data. You can also use subtotal function to get averages and other stats of the filtered data if desired. If you must maintain the 2 copies, a userform that adds the entry to both all and subset sheets would be best. entering into the master and trying to automatically put into the child is problematic about the timing of when it should be transferred (if triggered by the date cell, any information in that row entered after the date is entered will not be copied. If you maintain a full table (no blank entries, you can check each entry and when the data-row is completely full it could copy it over.) The auto approach will not allow editing, however (the userform is better for this) since editing an entry after it is transferred will just create a new entry.


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