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    How can I use same current (Netscape 4.6 compatible) e-mail client & structure on multiple computers

    I was unable to find where this may have been posted by someone else or the solution I seek offered elsewhere because nothing came up in my key word search, and should anyone have suggestions as to what title might better clarify what I want to find, I would appreciate your feedback.

    I still use Netscape Communicator 4.61 for my e-mail as subsequent "upgrades" either eliminated features that I used regularly or added some I both did not want and could not remove without reverting back to 4.61 and continued to do so even after going to Opera as my browser since I detest Internet Explorer, and never cared for any of the other options at the time.

    Netscape still downloads messages from my mail server though it originally took some "tweaking" that could be done only because the webmaster there had other clients using Netscape so had a "solution", but as a result of a recent "upgrade" there, I am no longer able to SEND messages. Thus, I must send messages from the server and doing so, don't have the search options I do from within Netscape. However, I dislike that I must have internet access, which I often do not have went outside of my office as I don't believe the usage I would give a mobile hotspot would justify the expense, to access files which remain on my mail server.

    As a result, I have started to look at other email programs, and while there are aspects of some I like, such as the ability to strip attachments from messages either after they have been sent or received (since I must open them in other windows anyway, why do I need the attachments in multiple locations so that my email client can open its "version" and the "native" program can open its "version"?), but every one I have examined with that specific option available will not allow me to use the same file structure, in particular the same name for the home directory on different computers, and I work with a minimum of two computers, a laptop and desktop (and on occasion I work with multiple desktops with different OS because of hardware compatibility issues between some of my external devices and some Windows operating systems). Thus, I would be obliged to make my laptop a dedicated mail archive and to have it running even when using one of my desktops.

    I tried to "hack" the registry to make the structures uniform on each machine, but doing so lost me access to the files there from within the program on the machines where I modified the registry.

    Can anyone recommend an active email client (I would be willing to purchase the program and pay a modest support fee, say $100 a year) that: 1)has a "clipping" feature; 2)will allow the same name for the home directory on multiple computers; 3)will allow me to have that "home" directory in a location of my OWN CHOOSING on each computer (to allow me to drag an individual file that has changed to a flash drive then from the flash drive to the same location on another computer where I would then have access to that specific file); 4)is compatible with ASCII (i.e., does not send the text of a message as an image rather than as text); and 5)has the ability to search by sender, recipient, subject, date, &/or key word. Ideally it would be able to read my Netscape files without my having to "format" my Netscape files for the program, though I might continue to use Netscape as my email archive and the new program as my email client if this option isn't available, and I would not mind having to ability to refine a search so that any further search is restricted to messages identified within the original search, though I recognize that is something Netscape 4.6 cannot do and the option would have little appeal if I am obliged to keep my archive separate from my "active" mail?

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    As you seem to use several computers at various times I suggest you find a mail program that works for you, then set the server details to "leave messages on server". This means that all computers will download all messages. Even better, use IMAP and all computers will show the same folder structure as long as you set the mail client to synchronize all folders - this does store all messages on the mail server so you need plenty of space.

    cheers, Paul

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