<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.nipc.gov/warnings/assessments/2001/01-028.htm>This report</A> from the "National Infrstructure Protection Center" covers many of the risks that we have talked about before.

My recommendations remain the same:

1) RESTRICT your email program (Outlook or OE) by placing it in a FULLY DISABLED Restricted zone.

2) Use your IE Security zones and *Disable Scripting and ActiveX* in your Internet zone.

3) Control your cookies -- in whichever manner you prefer. (many options are out there.)

4) Control your email extensions. I personally do not recommend the overly protective "Outlook Email Security Update". It may be superb if you are hired to protect a corporation's Network (it makes your job a lot easier), but the loss in functionality makes it less desirable for home users. Using ZA MailSafe with or without ScriptSentry -- or some equivalent programs -- seems far more logical.

5) In OE6, you are given the option to "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus". I THINK this is less controlling than the OESU, so this is another option that should be considered.

6) NEVER, EVER "Run" a file from the Internet (or from an email) without downloading it and virus scanning it first. Some Anti-virus programs do this automatically and others don't. When in doubt, do a manual scan.