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    Strange Problem with Region and Locale Settings in Windows 7

    Hi everyone, and greetings from Sydney, Australia!

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1, with all the latest updates installed.

    I am having a rather strange problem with a certain text editing program, called "BabelPad," which has full Unicode support.

    I have been using BabelPad as my default plain text editor for a couple of years now, and over the last few weeks, it seems, for no apparent reason, to have developed a rather strange problem with its default UI display language.

    In case you're not familiar with this particular text editor, it is a piece of freeware, developed and maintained by Andrew West, and it has full support for all forms of Unicode.

    If you would like further information about it, the BabelPad website is:

    Now, there is no installation program for this application; you just download the executable and copy it to a folder on your system path.

    Please note that I have already had an email conversation with Mr West, and he suggested that I delete a certain registry key, restart BabelPad and see what happens.

    Here are some quotes from Mr West's replies to me:

    "When BabelPad is run for the first time it checks what the system locale is and uses the Chinese language interface if a Chinese locale is detected. It sounds like it has somehow got confused, and thinks that your system has a Chinese locale, although, as it shows English as the UI language and has English menus this can only be part of the answer.

    It might be possible to clear the problem by deleting the registry entries for BabelPad, by running regedit.exe and deleting [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BabelStone\BabelPad]."

    I should mention here that quitting BabelPad, deleting the registry key and restarting BabelPad had no effect on the behaviour of the program, and I sent Mr West an email advising him of this.

    A later email from Mr West states:

    "Just to let you know that I spent some time investigating this issue at the weekend, but I was unable to replicate the problem, and I could not work out how the behaviour you are seeing could come about. I will continue to try an find a resolution, but I have to admit that at present I am not very hopeful."

    I am uploading some screenshots which illustrate the problem:

    Here is a description of what each screenshot is showing:

    These screenshots show BabelPad in various states:

    BabelPad_001.jpg shows BabelPad open for a new file. Note that the menu bar items are in English, but the status bar items are in Simplified Chinese. Also, the title bar shows some Simplified Chinese characters along with the name of the application. (I do not read Chinese, so I presume that the Chinese characters are saying "Untitled," or something similar).

    BabelPad_002.jpg shows the BabelPad "About" screen, opened immediately after starting BabelPad. I suspect that the screen is attempting to show certain items in Simplified Chinese, but is unable to do so, and has replaced them with rectangles.

    BabelPad_003.jpg shows the BabelPad window with the UI language expressly changed to Chinese (Simplified). I did this by choosing Options -> User Interface Language -> Chinese (Simplified). I was unable to do a screenshot of the pop-out menu for the language, which would have shown that English was the current UI language.

    BabelPad_004.jpg shows the BabelPad window with the UI language expressly changed back to English. Note that all the menu bar and status bar items are now in English. The title bar still displays Chinese and English characters.

    BabelPad_005.jpg shows the BabelPad "About" screen, after expressly changing the UI language to English.

    Now, I'm in Sydney, Australia (time zone UTC+10:00), and that is correctly set in control panel, along with my customisations in the Control Panel Region and Language settings, and the System Locale is showing as "English (Australia)." I have no other display languages installed, and, in fact, I have explicitly hidden all the other available display languages from Windows Update.

    My question to you is: Do any of you know which registry keys have anything to do with the region and language settings or the system locale, or, alternatively, do any of you know of any settings that I could check in Control Panel | Administrative Tools?

    As I said, I have been using this program for a couple of years now, through Windows 7 and then Windows 8 with no problem. I recently decided to go back to Windows 7, which I did by formatting the system drive and re-installing Windows 7, followed by all the updates. I have always been very careful to get the region, language and locale settings correctly set up, but, for some unknown reason, this time there seems to be a problem, which is affecting only this particular program, (as far as I can see, anyway).

    I apologise for such a long and rambling email, but I have tried to be as detailed as possible.

    Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can give me!

    Best regards
    Christopher Souter
    (Sydney, Australia)
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