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    Windows XP in a sand box?

    My wife has asked me to set up a version of windows XP on her new win8.1 machine, as she has number of legacy craft programmes she uses frequently.

    Bearing in mind the future potential security risks is it worth, or even is it possible to set up a virtual pc inside a sandbox, for example Sandboxie?

    Thanks for your help.

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    All that needs to be done in that case is to not emulate the network connection, isolating the XP VM from any Internet or network communication so nothing can get in or out.

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    There are a number of ways to do it, but I recommend Oracle VirtualBox

    If your wife's craft programs do not require a connection to the internet, then you are safe from the internet.

    If your they do require a connection to the internet, then you are still probably pretty safe if she does not go anywhere else on the internet.

    You can back up by going to the Virtualbox User Manual. See "Snapshots", page 27 of the current version of the Manual.

    Then if something bad happens, restore a snapshot, and it will be like nothing happened.

    See the User Manual for detailed instructions.

    You can also go to Settings->Network, and uncheck Enable Network Adapter, and take it off the network entirely.

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    You should have a look at Fred Langas' story Using that information I was able to set up Android, WinXP, and Win98 (just because) as VMs. Next I'm going to try several Linux distros to see which one I like best as an XP replacement for my more "experienced" PCs...

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    I actually am running (and typing this now) in my XP virtual machine that I purposely set up as a sandbox for my Win7 system. I created a share between my XP sandbox and Win7 (a vulnerability no doubt) so that I can share files as needed. I am also running Sandboxie in my XP VM (so, in essence, I'm double-sandboxed). Can't be too paranoid. lol

    Has worked great for me since I started doing this when I installed Win7 64-bit Nov 2009. It's the way to go and it's not hard to do either. As Prescott already mentioned, get Virtualbox. It's free for personal use. I actually have 3 VMs (64-bit Ubuntu, Win98 (for a few games that just don't run in either Win7 or XP), and of course, my XP VM. It's fun to be able to virtually run any OS you like; just have a legal License and an installer disk (or better yet, an image of the CD which I have for all my OS except Win98 which I actually, at the time, installed by CD and have not made an image copy of the CD (nor do I really plan too; lol).

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