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    Saving "System Volume Information \ Restore" files elsewhere.

    Several years ago, I got a computer virus that erased all of my Restore files among other nasty things. Since then, I have been saving the latest Restore file folder about twice a month in another location. The rationale is that if I get hit again, I have something to Restore from.

    Recent thinking leads me to wonder if this would work. If the Restore folders are incremental, then I would need several of them to restore my system (i.e. eliminate the latest 'bad' thing that was installed). In this case, my twice-a-month saving scheme is of no use.

    Does anybody know whether my twice-a-month saving scheme would help me recover my XP working system?


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    If the saved files are on the same computer, then they could be hit as well.

    Why not just create regular system images onto either DVDs or an external HDD.

    The downside of using an external HDD though is that the previous one gets overwritten, but as long as your system is fine before you save it to the that media, one is all you need.

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