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    Printing embedded pictures

    I have received a number of email messages in which the sender has imbedded a picture in the messge -- when I print the message I cannot get the picture to print -- all I get is a blank box. In order to print the picture I must right-click somewhere in the image, select "Save Picture As" and it wants to be saved as a .bmp file. Then I can load it into Paint Shop Pro or similar and print. That's a lot of trouble. Is there a setting somewhere in Outlook that I'm missing???

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    See Woody's Office Watch #5.52

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    I'm using OL 2000 and IE 5.5 -- so your suggestion is that IE 5.5 has trashed something (or otherwise is interfering with OL2000 ability to print this email with an imbedded picture??? I'm a little slow here -- did dig out WOW #5.52 and read in its entirety.
    Appreciate your response!

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    An excerpt (the full text also gives instructions on how to uninstall IE5.5)...

    3. IE 5.5 GORES OUTLOOK 98 ET. AL.
    > While I was wading through all that mail about Internet
    > Explorer 5.5 breaking Office 2000 Detect & Repair, WOWser
    > RonM pointed out that IE 5.5 also breaks Outlook 98. Not
    > that I recommend you run Outlook 98, mind you - there are
    > easier and cheaper ways to lose your sanity - but if you're
    > stuck with Outlook 98 and install IE 5.5, there's no way
    > you can print graphics in any email you may receive that
    > contains graphics (HTML email).
    > Despite what I've said about Outlook 98, I'm still amazed
    > that there's people and companies using the blighted and
    > buggy Outlook 97. Aside from any other problem with the
    > '97 version it doesn't support HTML email, which puts any
    > email user today at a severe disadvantage.
    > Full details are at
    > . Microsoft's workaround? Save the message as an HTML file,
    > open the file in IE 5.5, and then print it.
    > That's just the tip of the IE 5.5 Titanic iceburg. There
    > are problem reports everywhere. The National Science
    > Foundation's Fastlane project (which streamlines the
    > submission of grant proposals to NSF), for example, has
    > issued an advisory saying that IE 5.5 won't read some Adobe
    > Acrobat PDF files.
    > To add injury to insult, the latest version of Encarta
    > installs IE 5.5 whether you want it or not.

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    outlook uses IE's HTML engine to render (and print) html messages. whatever is messed up in IE will probably cause the same problems in Outlook.

    see the KB url that was posted in an earlier reply.

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    Yep, you'll have to uninstall IE5.5 if you want to be able to print graphics from outlook. IE5 with service pack 1 is the way to go.[img]/w3timages/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    Oh, darn.
    Well, I went to the KB url on this - printed it out. Tried the workaround to save the message as an HTML Document and then print from IE. That didn't work for me. Still got the place holder with the small box with the "X" in it.
    So, I followed the instructions for reverting to the previous Internet Explorer Installation. Now I have IE 5.0.
    And, voila, the message and picture print from Outlook 2000.
    Just for fun, I did a SAVE AS *.HTM and tried to print the file. Doesn't work. I get the message with the placeholder and "X" in the box!! What gives??
    My reason for even trying that was that the picture printed over two pages -- just happens to fall that way. So, I thought maybe by doing a SAVE AS, I could open it as an .htm, scrunch up the text a bit, and get both the message and the picture on one page.
    So, guess I have to SAVE AS {something else} and reformat. Just experimenting - it isn't important with this particular message.
    Also, the KB refers only to OL98, and this is obviously a problem in OL2000. Why wouldn't MS update the KB to include OL2000 (or is that a naive question)?
    Thanks for all of the assistance from the lounge!![img]/w3timages/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Printing embedded pictures

    Yeah printing images from IE5.5 didn't work for me either.

    Now that you've got IE5.0 back, you should install Service Pack 1 and any other critical IE updates from

    Have fun[img]/w3timages/icons/doh.gif[/img]

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