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    Angry Asus Eee PC X101ch - great disappointment

    (I hope it'd right subforum.)

    Well, I bought this netbook with Windows 7 Starter in it, which was one of 2 main reasons to buy it, the other being lightness, since i wanted to carry this netbook on short trips. Only later I found on various sites that experts were mocking our ("our" in meaning "you, poor suckesr that had purchased this eee pc"...) desire to have something light...

    Anyway, I am writing on it now, and am regretting.
    I should have waited for some Acer, real PC with 1.5 kg weight. Or some Toshiba.

    Asus Ess PC X101ch is slow.
    Ages before system is up.
    I have Mozilla Firefox. I know now that I should expect short interruptions - Not responding pauses with the fox chasing its tail - every 5 minutes. It's better with IE.
    I often get pop-info about some script running.
    Keyboard is uncomfortable and i don't have meatball-fingers. It reminds on ancient mobile phones keyboards...

    Surfing is slow, downloading and uploading of bigger files painfully slow or it remains unfinished after ages...

    I find necessary to restart the system aftera while because of annoying Not responding and fox tails...

    Is it about built-in shortcomings of this Asus Eee, or there are some adjustment??

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    Is it about built-in shortcomings of this Asus Eee, or there are some adjustment??
    Any adjustments that you will be able to make with regard to speeding things up a bit will be
    with how you use it and what OS & program settings you can make.

    1. Remove all start up applications & programs that have hungry ongoing processes.
    2. Disable services that you don't need.
    3. Ensure that you have updated and mature drivers and BIOS, especially chipset.
    4. Forget about installing heavy AV applications or an Office suit. Get rid of them immediately
    and go with just MSE/defender, and maybe one or two office readers.
    5. Open only one or two browser windows at a time, and only run one browser at a time.
    Increase your browser's cache so that you're not constantly downloading images of frequently browsed sites.
    6. Stop & disable system restore & Remote Assistance.
    7. Go into system properties and set it for performance, not best appearance.
    8. Check your wifi.
    9. Forget about multitasking.

    Surfing is slow, downloading and uploading of bigger files painfully slow or it remains unfinished after ages...
    This looks more like a wifi/network connection strength issue to me.
    Get updated drivers and turn off anything "phone home", like WU and AV.
    (all this should be done by you manually)

    Check task manager for a list of running processes and startup items with the intent of lessening the load on the processor.
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    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    The Asus Eee PC X101ch has only 1Gb (soldered!) RAM and cannot be upgraded (as you have already found out). I don't really care what Microsoft say but, in the real world, Windows 7 - even the Starter Edition - needs at least 2Gb RAM to even begin to work efficiently, let alone run programs on top.

    As you can't upgrade the ram, you need to find ways around this limitation. Have a look at the comments in these Amazon reviews, particularly the one from Mr. P. Hoang "phunh" (london).

    Hope this helps...

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    Clint gave you a pretty comprehensive list of things you can do to mitigate the issues you are facing. There are two main causes for that - a very low, non expandable, amount of RAM and a very underpowered CPU. I fear there is no way to overcome it, all you can do is try to minimize their effect.

    If you can, try using Firefox instead of Chrome (or IE). It is the browser that uses the less amount of RAM:

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