The other day when I rebooted I saw flashing by something like "change compatability" and didn't have time to read the rest of the message. (Win XP, SP3)

I had not (knowingly) done anything to cause this. No new downloads/extensions.

I do notice now that the mail screens in AOL are much broader/extended. Prior to message the mail box with messages didn't fill entire screen and I could change size of its left panel. And I see the horizontal scrollbar, which I never had to before, which I didn't have to use before.

Playing with zoom options doesn't really solve this. Did a few System Restores, and of course nothing in AOL webmail changed.

Going to, I find:
Browser window width: 1024
Browser window height: 581
Screen width: 1024
Screen height: 768
Screen color depth: 24

I've searched Firefox and AOL webmail for some indication as to what caused this. Couldn't find anything. My windows resolution is as always.

Any hints on how to correct this annoyance is appreciated. I'm guessing this is an AOL webmail issue (???) but can't find anything on 'Net about this.

Thanks very much.