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    Unhappy Windows Login Screen will not show other user accounts (Windows 8.1 Pro)

    Well, encountered a strange problem on 2 of my 3 machines. I was doing routine maintenace over the weekend (running Secunia PSI, checking Windows update and Office Update, etc) and also updated System Mechanic from 12.5 to 12.7.

    On 2 of my 3 machines (Dell Desktop, HP desktop; but not the HP laptop), after I was done:
    • On the login screen, my account (a Microsoft account; not a local account) was the only login; no option for backing out and changing to another account in any way
    • When I right click on my picture on the start screen in Windows 8.1, I don't have the normal option to change to other accounts
    • BUT when I go to SETTINGS > CHANGE PC SETTINGS > USER ACCOUNTS > OTHER ACCOUNTS, the other accounts (both local and Microsoft) are there (as are there user files when I look at the drive)

    Fortunately, I'm not lost: my data lives on a NAS drive; and I have plenty of backups so I can recover. But, I'm trying to figure out what went wrong. I can't find any obvious setting anywhere in the normal control panel type of settings - so my thought is this is somewhere deep in the Group Policy Editor / Registry.

    Almost certainly, something I did during cleaning up inadvertently did it (although out of fairness - I suspect it may have been one of the programs I was running as part of maintenance. I don't directly touch the registry at all for routine maintenance.) Does anyone have an idea what happened - and how to undo it quickly (e.g in the Group Policy Editor, or by directly modifying a registry key?


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    Assuming it is a registry thing. Did you run the reg cleaner in System Mechanic and if you did, did you backup the registry before cleaning it? If you did then restore the backup and see if the problems is fixed.

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