hi folks

I have made an expense report template that makes use of a pivot table to summarize all the various accounts into one line per account.

Saved locally and saved on a network the pivot table updates with no issues.

Published to the corporate intranet site the pivot table now gives the error;

Run time error 1004

cannot open pivot table source file
http/path to the intranet where doc is stored

researching that a little I find that in I.E. the user is asked to open, save or save as the file. If they save or save as the file it behaves normally as it does when I developed it. If they open it they get the above error.

I found this that says yes this is an error


interestingly Chrome users are not prompted to open the file so are not seeing this error.

Is there something that I can do to the file so that the pivot table will update regardless of how the file is accessed?