My home network consists of three computers: Win 7 (32), Win 7 (64)and new Win 8.1(64). I have experienced strange behaviors as follows when running MS Sync Toy: the job doesn't finish when synching files from 8.1 to Win 7 (32). Further, after ending Synch Toy through the task manager, all computers on the network disappear?!?

I have tried to Move files from Win 8.1 to Win (32) using standard copy and paste, but this action also stops after completing 2/3 of the job, and hangs. Again I have to use task manager to end the hung procedure.

Is Synch Toy defective? Why can't I copy and paste between computers on my network? All systems are in the same Homegroup, and sharing had been enabled. Any/all help appreciated..TIA!