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    the friend better have a LARGE car...Lindsay has a lot of baggage. Oh yeah, DON'T LET HER DRIVE.
    REMEMBER--- "if you don't play well with others, you could end up playing with yourself."

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    Not all recordings include hyperdata provided by the publisher.

    In MediaMonkey, which happens to be the music player I use on my computer, there is a setting ‘autotag from web’, which simply downloads the details from the internet – and a lot of the tags are wrong. That is because a lot of the tags were uploaded by users and became part of the database, which is constantly being revised, and there is an assortment of databases. It’s a bit like Wikipedia, in that readers are continually correcting errors, or at least arguing about them. One very common variable is the album cover, which, like book covers, may be any of a number of designs because the same work has been published in different countries or reissued at different times.

    A single mistake in an entire library is not the end of civilization as we know it – in fact it’s practically unheard of. Where would stamp collecting be without misprints? I expect that if you report it to the proper authorities they will be grateful for your contribution, although I have yet to be thanked for any of the corrections I have submitted (other than in The Lounge).

    Edited to add:

    Something we may all have overlooked is that there are 'rather a lot' of musical recordings that were made before CDs became available, and that is one reason for the need for user-based online databases. Another is that recording companies did not have the foresight, so far as I know, to include hyperdata on early CDs.
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    You should not let Lindsay Lohan in your car. She'll barf all over the car seat .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by starvinmarvin View Post
    You should not let Lindsay Lohan in your car. She'll barf all over the car seat .....
    Ya but, after, right?

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