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    Eudora: Fix problem or replace?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using Eudora since the Stone Age and it's been happily residing on my Windows 7 machine these last few years.

    There are assorted odds and ends that I find frustrating with the program - generally to do with formatting issues, but also the treatment of attachments and the stuff that piles up in the "Embedded" folder - but lately a new issue has cropped up that's a show stopper. When checking mail I get a "10053" timeout error - this goes away if I manually check again immediately, but the problem always comes back after a few minutes.

    If I can't figure out how to fix this (and so far I haven't - ideas, anyone?) then I suppose I need to move to a more up-to-date program.

    Any advice on these? I've heard various things about Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and Mailbird.

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    I use Thunderbird and very rarely, if ever, have any problems with it.

    I tried Eudora once and never liked it.
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