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    IE 11 Shows Strange Behavior on Scrolling Down a Page

    Often when I scroll down a "page" that is taller than the screen, IE will not allow me to return to the top of that page.

    Instead, IE 11 jumps up and down rapidly and the cursor remains at the bottom of the screen and page.

    This stuttering behavior does not occur in any other program on my computer and did not occur in IE 10 or earlier.

    It is specific to IE 11. Click, drag, scroll, or pray.... makes no difference. I cannot return to the top of the page at all.

    Has anyone else encountered this behavior?

    = Ax Kramer

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    Disable all browser helper objects except for those which pertain to your antivirus program. See if that fixes it.


    I got tired of fooling with the issues I encountered in IE 11, and so I went back to IE 10.

    I know that is not the answer to your question, but it is one way to deal with the problem.

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