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    File Open and Favourites in Word 2013

    I have only had one brief encounter with Word 2013, which was enough to make me run screaming back to 2010. But, alas, I can only stave off the inevitable for so long.

    Perhaps I'm missing something. But it seems that when Word is opened, instead of giving the default blank document, it requires you to select either a new document or an existing one. Since at least some of the time we all need a new document, is it really the case that this can no longer be the default?

    Then I click Open to get an existing file that I haven't accessed for a while, but which is in a regularly-used folder. In 2010 I can add this folder to my Favourites list, which is there as soon as I use Ctrl+O to bring up the dialog box. But in 2013 I get what I think is now called the Backstage (area?) and have to click through to File Open in order to see my Favourites.

    For someone constantly opening and closing a large range of files, this seems to be a major step backwards.

    Is there either some way I can go straight to the dialog box, or else add the folder to the screen that displays on File Open? Even pinning the folder to the Recents list would help, although I can't actually see a way to do that.

    I'd also love to know if there is any way I can override all the arbitrary defaults encountered in creating a custom ribbon - for example, I'd love all my icons to be the same size, and to show the text names in preference to the icons if space is tight, and even to dispense with the icons and have a text-only ribbon. Or am I not supposed to be able to read?

    All this sounds like the whining of an infrequent user; but I have, in fact, been using Word since version 1 for DOS, write a lot of VBA and use plenty of high-end functions. It seems that, with each successive release of any Office products, Microsoft abandons its power users and consigns all their hard-learned shortcuts and tricks to the scrap heap.

    As for Help - I always knew it was good in the early versions of Word for Windows, but now even that is outsourced to a bunch of opinionated subcontractors who deliberately or inadvertently fail to understand the questions people are really trying to ask.

    There, rant over... But I'd really like to know if there is an answer to the File Open and ribbon questions posed above?


    Alison C

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    Either one of these little macros will display the familiar File Open dialog box. You can put the macro on the QAT. You could also program Backstage to have a so-called "fast button" on the navigation pane, but the programming is not easy, and the QAT is really more accessible.

    The macros can be enhanced by adding code to change the file open folder, etc.

    Sub ClassicFileOpen()
    End Sub
    Sub PressFileOpen()
        Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("FileOpen")
    End Sub

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