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    30 days of working and living on a Win8 laplet


    30 days of working and living on a Win8 laplet

    By Lincoln Spector

    Can a small, lightweight tablet/laptop running Windows 8.1 work as a full-productivity computer and still have all the charms of a tablet? After 30 days of using one as my only PC, the answer is a qualified "yes." There are, as one would expect, compromises.

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    the answer is a qualified "yes."
    A fancy way of saying NO.

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    Wow. Lincoln, I read your article with interest, as I use a laptop, iPad and phone regularly. The downsides of not having a decent USB port on the iPad keep me thinking I might try and look for a substitute, but damn, I read your article and there is no way I would trade an iPad for a Win tablet, given your results. You were very kind with your ratings, IMHO! Compromises is not quite the way I'd phrase it. You (and I) both are pretty long time Windows users, and the difficulties you describe I've never had with the iPad. Things just work. Also, I agree with your concerns about lack of apps. While I use pretty standard business apps on the iPad, I also am a musician, and the inability to find the same great apps for musicians on the Windows tablet world are a showstopper. A friend has a windows phone, and we tried to find her the same apps I'm running, and could not. Same with apps for my video production world. They just weren't there yet. So it's all of a piece, apps drive the useage, and without MSFT getting these apps ported, it's still worth paying more to buy into Apple's walled garden.
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    It appears that the lack of Metro Apps is still a downside of any Win 8 device. Sad.

    "Maybe keeping your PC and tablet separate is a good idea, after all!"

    One reason among many I don't mind the idea of keeping my Ubuntu on my laptop while buying an Android Tablet for non-work uses.
    -- Bob Primak --

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