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    Post Hard drive diags for RAID 1 drives

    Hi All,

    I have a Windows 7 system with two 1Tb hard drives configured as a RAID 1 mirror. While working on the computer yesterday, I heard that dreaded hard drive "clicking" sound indicating that one of the drives was trying to power up and kept resetting. Shortly there after my RAID montoring software generated a warning saying the that the RAID array is now degraded. I shut down the computer and upon reboot entered the RAID configuration screen from POST. However, within the RAID status screen the RAID volume was now indicating "rebuild in progess". The drive that was clicking was now operating OK. Apparently power cycling the computer "fixed" the hard drive in question. I rebooted again and let the box boot to Windows. The RAID monitor software indicated that the rebuild was in progress. After the rebuild completed I did performed a data verification of the RAID array and it came back with zero errors.

    Although everything seems to be working OK and I have had no data loss (whoo whoo!), I am very leary about the drive that was having trouble. I'd like to perform some diagnotics on the indivdual drives. I have software the will report the SMART info for a drive, but it doesn't work for drives in a RAID array. I did some googling and it seems that most hard disk diag software doesn't handle RAID drives. The RAID management software doesn't provide any diags other than the data verification, which I already did.
    I would like to perform some hardware level diagnostics on each drive.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can run drive diagnotics on these hard drives to determine if that questionable drive is on the verge of failure?


    (I didn't know if this topic belongs here or in the General Windows forum, so I posted it in both.)

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    The RAID management software should monitor the SMART status of the drives and alert you accordingly. If not you will need to remove the disks from the RAID controller, attach them to a non-RAID controller, boot from something like Ultimate Boot CD and run PassMark DiskCheckup.
    Obviously you'd want an image backup before you start.

    cheers, Paul

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