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    Unhappy How to Auto Log Off Yahoo Email?

    Yahoo email will automatically log you out after ONE DAY! This is the MINIMUM time Yahoo allows you to select. I try to remember to log out when I shut down for the night, but I sometimes forget. I would like to write a script or .Bat or a Chrome command that will automatically log me off yahoo email when I shut down or even when I close Chrome. I feel very uncomfortable being logged in to my email when I'm not on line.

    I am running Win7 64bit SP1. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated; I really don't want to change an email address I've had for ~20 years.

    BTW, actually communicating with Yahoo is virtually impossible.

    Edit: Yahoo now logs me out when I close my browser [chrome]. As usual with Yahoo, these changes are made in stealth mode and you find out about them by accident. I am very glad that Yahoo made this change, it was disconcerting to turn off the computer at night and find yourself still logged in to Yahoo email the next morning. In addition, judging by the lack of response to this post after ~ 70 views, doing this yourself, automatically with some type of program is not easy.
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