Rule 14 - avoid cross posting has been modified to include a statement about posting in multiple communities. Please read and abide by the updated rule 14.

14. Avoid cross-posting into more than one forum or community
Cross-posting is the posting of the same or nearly the same message on more than one forum or community (for example, posting the same message in both the Database forum and the Spreadsheets forum or posting in the Windows Secrets Lounge and Microsoft Answers Community). To avoid this, choose the one forum or community that is the most appropriate and post your message there. Most members watch for new threads in several forums and communities.

We strongly discourage posting in more than one community. If you must post in more than one community please observe the tips in the "How to Post and When to Cross-Post" section at A message to cross posters. Cross posting to multiple communities without appropriate links will be grounds for temporary suspension of privileges. Repeated offenses will be grounds for a permanent ban.