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Why would this be different on XP?

Can toolbars use autohide if the taskbar doesn't?

Is it really possible to have toolbars on a different side of the screen from the taskbar?

Icon-wise it not different but it fulfills the text only shortcut possibility quite nicely, and is still easy to get to no matter what's on the desktop.

The pin-able toolbar is independent of the taskbar in every regard as far as I can tell, except for the fact that they are both being powered by explorer.exe.

Yes, all three sides not occupied by the taskbar can have one toolbar attached to them, including the side that leads to a second monitor. However, I don't know if additional monitors (independent configuration) can have more toolbars attached, I'll have to try it out...when I tried to attach a toolbar to the far left of the second monitor it said there was already one there, so, no. However, I was able to pin the toolbar to the top of the second monitor, presumably because I did not have a toolbar pinned to the top of the main monitor...kool!

The Windows 7 has Snap instead, I find that very useful as well, just not as often as pinned toolbars. Comment withheld concerning what's on the edges of Windows 8 (^***%$##@(*&**, or something like that).