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    Win 95 Disk config

    It has been some time since I messed with Win95, so I need a reminder. I am trying to help a friend with a data recovery problem. He somehow hatched the "C:" partition, I ran Norton Disk Doctor and cleaned up a lot of errors, but I don't want to reload Win95 because I don't want to damage the other 5 partitions on the hard drive. I have a good hard drive with a (legal) copy of Win95 on it. Question: Can I disconnect the old drive, install the new drive as C:, boot the machine to verify that Win95 boots, then power off and install the old drive as the second in the IDE string and be sure that Win95 will see the partitions on the old drive? My friend has 10 years of data that he needs badly. We have had a long talk about BACKUP, and I think that this problem has convinced him <g>.

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    Re: Win 95 Disk config

    It depends. First of all, why you can't boot to C: ? What kind of error message(s) do you have? It's always better to make Win95 running even in Safe Mode and backup your data files.
    Second, if you reformat your C: partition and re-install Windows, it wouldn't affect your other partitions any way, except you will need re-install all applications (even if their program files are on those partitions). Of course, you don't need re-install DOS-based applications.
    Third, if you want boot from another hard drive with Win95 installed, it is possible if hardware configurations of the computer it was installed before and your friend's computer are similar. Basically it is about motherboard, legacy devices, integrated devices, etc. If these computers are not the same model, you will be prompt to insert your Win95 installation CD anyway (unless you copy cab files on that hard drive and install Windows from there).
    By the way, it is legal to use ANY installation of Win95 as long as you use only one and you have your original Certificate of Authenticity.

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