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    Question Can't run .aspx webpage from IE10?


    I'm a .NET developer. previously I did ASP .NET programming on windows XP with Visual studio 2008 and it worked like charm. I have bought a new laptop with windows 8 basic edition. Gen-3 state of art gear (I bought it just before they released gen-4). Due to power surge my laptop OS crashed, happened several times (due to faulty battery) but the OS still works without "black screen of death". As I said before I do .NET development and I have started doing ASP .NET development with Visual studio 2012. But guess what when run (debug) a asp .net page from VS 2012 using IE 10 it takes hell of a lot of time to display the website event it has only two textboxes on it. But when I load this using chrome it worked A-OK. so some said it could be IE 10 issue.

    I have done many things, reset IE 10 several time, did not work. I don't believe in hiding /showing IE 10 using windows 8 control panel as it does nothing special. I have disabled all the addons except flash player, even when I disabled it, still problem exists. The only option I have to reinstall VS 2012 with update 4 but I don't thing it's an issue with VS 2012 or its update.

    ASP >NET development fine with chrome also I have to mention my chromes runs on Incognito mode ( so it does keep nasty tracking cookies). So do any one here know how to fix this?


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    Maybe an upgrade to Windows 8.1 and IE 11 is in order?

    IE 11 works fine with .net development and its standards support is even better...

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