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    Duplicating Checkboxes

    I am designing forms in Word 97. I am using the built in form tools (text form fields, check boxes form fields, etc.) and the forms are protected. My dilemma: I have two check boxes, one on each page I would like to set it up so that when the user checks the box on page one the box on page two becomes checked. Similarly when they un-check page one box, page two box should un-check. If possible I'd also like to set up the same behavior if the user checks the page two box first. In short, it's the same check box appearing in two different places. I can transfer text easily enough using bookmarks and "ref" fields, but that strategy doesn't seem to work for check boxes. I've tried messing around with a VB macro, but can't get it to do what I want. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Duplicating Checkboxes

    With 2 checkboxes called Checkbox1 and CheckBox2-

    Write 2 macros:

    Sub FillCheck2
    activedocument.formfields("CheckBox2").result = activedocument.formfields("CheckBox1").result
    end sub

    Sub FillCheck1
    activedocument.formfields("CheckBox1").result = activedocument.formfields("CheckBox2").result
    end sub

    Double click on Checkbox1, and select "FillCheck2" for the "macro on exit"; select "Fillcheck1" in Checkbox2
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    Re: Duplicating Checkboxes


    You put me on the right track - using the Result property didn't work, but using Value did:

    ActiveDocument.FormFields("CheckBox2").CheckBox.Va lue = ActiveDocument.FormFields("CheckBox1").CheckBox.Va lue

    And vice versa

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    Re: Duplicating Checkboxes

    Another possibility would be to use a { REF Checkbox1 /h } field with a hyperlink. It would show the contents of Checkbox1 where you currently have checkbox2 and clicking on it would take the user back to checkbox1 (assuming hyperlinks work in the protected portion of the form).
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