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    Running programs after rebuild

    A few weeks ago, a nasty cyber attack necessitated a reformat of my internal hard disk and a reinstall of Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. The technician who did the rebuild provided me with copies of these programs, pending my acquisition of my own licenses. I was happy to do this as the original installation was a corporate version. I have bought in personal versions of Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010 Pro. Fortunately, all my personal data was on external drives.
    The question I have may seem a bit trivial, but the procedure could possibly affect other programs. My original software and the copies I borrowed from my technician all included the old-style Microsoft Games (solitaire, chess titans and so forth). I am not a great games player, but they are handy to pass the time while monitoring a process such as a scan. The odd thing is that they are not included in my new copy of Windows 7. I had saved the Program Files folders from the old installation, so I copied the Microsoft Games across to the new installation and placed the usual shortcuts on the desktop.
    When I click on the shortcut, the cursor rotates a couple of times, then disappears and nothing else happens. Can any of you experts out there tell me what is happening?
    As an aside, there is a version of Microsoft Games one can buy, but it is full of these elaborate procedural games, involving fighting or building something - not suitable for my needs at all. I like to spend my time productively!

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