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    Explorer Crashes

    About one time our of ten, when i am using Windows XP Explorer, and I click on Favorites to go to a directory the entire screen goes an awful grey-khaki color and blanks out. Ctrl-Alt-Del and closing the Windows Explorer restores everything, and often the same sequence will work all right, but not always.

    The selected Favorite is always a different partition of my HD, but otherwise I can't think of anything special.

    Does anyone recognize this?

    Thanks, Michael

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    Re: Explorer Crashes

    The best idea I can offer is to reinstall Internet Explorer from the Cotrol Panel, Add/Remove Programs and the new Windows Setup (whatever it's now called.) You can remove the check mark and then Okay all screens, then go back in and put the check mark back in, which cures many problems.

    Best Regards, Kris Murphy--MAIN HelpDesk Coordinator

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