Thanks johngaz for the heads-up. I got zorin working by booting from a thumbdrive,where [ I think] it runs as some sort of virtual machine. I'm not aware of an HDD installation being present, but that may be just ignorance.

Where would I look for one on a drive? Is there a viewer available to examine the contents of an MBR?

I am aware of the potential (and likely "fatal") consequences of screwing up an XP bootloader file, and/or any other part of the startup process. I think it got me once and once was enough.

I've been running this Dell OEM XP Home on a seemingly ancient Dimension 4700 for 10+ years and it is incredibly resilient.

I don't know how many "Days After" it's been now, but I'm still running it right now with Firefox, Avira, Malware Bytes and ocaisionally an update & scan with Spybot S&D... and it lives!

Still learning zorin though and the ability to work directly with Windows files is very cool.

Thanks again, keep the info coming...