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Thread: Network abooboo

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    Network abooboo

    I have a Linksys wrt54g router & 4 computers. 2 notebooks and 2 desktops Notebook "C", Notebook "L" and Desktop "L" can all access shared files on Desktop "D" and also can access the NAS. Notebook "C" and Desktop "D" have a wired connection to the router. Desktop "L" and Notebook "L" have wireless access. Earlier this week Desktop "L" cannot access any of the other equipment on the router either wired or wireless. ie. they can all see me and retrieve shares but I get messages that Windows cannot access \\chuck-nb or the other computers. The NAS had 2 mapped network drives which have not been reconnected. Windows offers diagnostics which report that this machine seems to be correctly configured and to check with the network administrator. ME

    As a side note I can print wirelessly to my Epson Workforce 530 which is networked to the router. And my WII also works wirelessly.

    All systems & the router have been reset multiple times and in various orders.

    At 73 years of age I would really like to see things running properly before I run out of time ;>)


    Chuck Lingo

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    I think Desktop "L" has an incorrect DNS. You can check this by viewing the IP configuration on all machines and comparing the DNS setting. You can also try pinging the other machines to confirm connectivity.

    Check IP.
    1. Start > Run > cmd
    2. ipconfig /all

    Ping other machines.
    1. View the IP address of Desktop "L". I'll assume it's for the sake of the example.
    2. Start > Run > cmd
    3. ping
    3. ping

    Let us know what you find.

    cheers, Paul

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