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    Upgrade to 98 (W95 4.0)

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    I have a Dell Latitude (Model number (sic) PPL) laptop running W95 (Windows version 4.0) - Processor Pentium, 64K physical memory. The machine is 3-4 years old. <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20>

    In the last few months I have had an increasing number of freezes, particularly ones that require me to unlock, undock and remove the battery to get anything done. Many of the crashes occur while using Outlook 98 (I usually have Adobe and Word 97 open at the same time). It crashes rarely in stand alone mode - almost always when docked and connected to the network. I suspect that a program called ZenWorks Application Explorer is involved. When it cranks up and does what it does (whatever that is) at strange intervals during the day it could be conflicting with other running programs. The icon in the tray at the bottom of the screen is almost always in active mode when a freeze occurs.

    I've done all the 'recommended' solutions, including clearing out the temp folders, defraging hard disk etc but have not tried to reinstall (don't have the disks in any case) the OS.

    I have asked our IT people about fixing these problems and have gotten different replies about what could/should be done. Helpful comments include 'W95 is like that!' or 'Application Explorer wouldn't conflict'.

    All new machines being installed in our organisation have W98. I understand from my colleagues that have 98 that they find it to be much more stable - but this could be because their machines are newer and a lot less cluttered.

    It would seem to me that the w95 should either be reinstalled or upgraded to 98. However I am told that this is 'too much work' for the return and I should wait until I get a new machine (2 years?). A normal reboot takes about 5 minutes - an unlock, undock, remove, replace, dock, lock takes twice as long, including having to find the key and running scandisk.

    I realise that it is impossible for anyone out there to be able to analyse the problems and offer a solution. But I would like to have an intelligent discussion with our IT people on the two options (reinstall or upgrade) - which means I need to understand the implications better.

    Any thoughts or comments or recommendations or prayers or spells would be appreciated.

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    Re: Upgrade to 98 (W95 4.0)


    I am have no opinion on Win 95 or 98 but if you have so much trouble I would never do an upgrade. Chance are the problem are coming up with the upgrade. I prefer a formatting of the HD (after a backup of your data files) and reinstall the OS from scratch.
    If you choose for Win98, be sure to have Win98 Second Edition witch is more stable then the first release.

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    Re: Upgrade to 98 (W95 4.0)

    Hi Bowlie,

    I agree with Francois. Go for a complete install with Win 98 (2nd edition).

    I have a Toshiba Tecra 700, which is over 5 years old and has a Pentium chip (I recall it is 90 or 100 MHz) and 48K of RAM. I went through much of what you are going through and I was getting really miffed at the time I was wasting each day. Now the machine is on W98 and boots respectably fast.

    However, buy the upgrade to Win 98, NOT the full version. Part-way through the install, if you have re-formatted the hard disc, it will need proof that you actually do own Win 95 and you will have to feed it your W95 CD-ROM for a moment or two.

    Here's the justification to wave at your technical colleagues: it sounds like you are wasting up to an hour a day on restarting your docked laptop. If you spend a most of day installing W98, plus all your other software on a re-formatted hard disc you will better off half-way through the second week.

    It will take you half a morning to back up your important files over the network to a networked drive that your network administrator can make available. How much space do you need? 50 Mb? 100 Mb? This should be no problem.

    Re-formatting your hard disc and installing the upgrade version of Win 98 (Second Edition) is a two hour job for your technical friends. Re-installing your software will take up the rest of the day and maybe some of the next day as well.

    So, tell your IT people (in the nicest way, of course) that a day of their time today will save you an hour of your day every day for ever. You heard it from an old IT man (I was programming an IBM 1620 in SPS and Fortran in 1963) so it must be true!

    Good luck.

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