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    Office 2013 Pro Click To Run Install

    My version of Office 2013 Pro installs as a "click-to-run" application in which all updates are done silently in the background. (I got the software via the Microsoft Home Use Program through my employer). I don't see any of the Office updates in the Windows Update - all updates are supposed to be installed automatically in the background. I just removed and re-installed Office 2013 to try to avoid this - but I got the same click-to-run install. My version number is not up to date (yet).

    I would much prefer to handle the updates via Windows updates so that I can control what gets installed - I track Woody's and Susan's suggestions about whether to install updates.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change this so that I install Office updates via Windows update?

    (I'm running Win8.1U/64.)


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    Sorry, but for click-to-run you can't do it via Windows Update. You can turn automatic updating off in any of the Office 2013 Pro applications and control the update process yourself. If you monitor Microsoft Office 2013 Click-to-Run virtualization you'll see when the version changes. Then you can have any of the Office programs check for updates.


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