I'm not even sure if this is the correct place to put this, but thought you may be interested.

For many years I have been building my own PCs and have 4 in my office at home and a few more scattered all over the house. My son wanted me to build him a good Gaming PC for under $1,000 so I did some research and build him what I thought was a good one and it worked great. He can play any game on the highest settings.

MB is ASUS Sabertooth 990 FX
16 Gbs of Ram
Video card is HIS Radeon HD 7850 with 2 Gbs of Gddr5 video ram
CPU is AMD FX 8-Core processor.
Monitor was an Asus 21.5 inch VE228

This setup works fantastic however it developed a problem.

Every time my son would watch Youtube videos the videos would freeze(if they were MP4 videos). Same thing happened to MP4 videos played with windows media player. Funny thing is the MP4s would play fine on if played with Divx player or Media player classic.

I tried everything, checked for viruses, reinstalled the drivers and even did a complete reformat and install of Windows 7, still same problem. I decided to take the PC down to my office to check and the problem disappeared as I left his monitor on his desk and used my own which is an LG 20 inch. When I hooked the PC back up to the Asus VE 228 monitor the freezing problem returned. I have never heard of a monitor causing this type of problem but is does. I could hook this PC to any of my other monitors and it works fine, but connected to the VE228 monitor would cause freezing videos. I ended up trading monitors with him as the VE228 worked fine with my PC which doesn't have a separate video card and just plays off the motherboard video. Now I want to get him another monitor but want to make sure it won't cause freeze ups so will be avoiding another Asus monitor.

I now wonder if freeze ups I dealt with in the past may have been monitor related and I got rid of perfectly good video cards.