I have an Asus X53E Laptop running Win 7 Home x 64 that is a year and a half old. I did not until a few days ago have a wireless router. I always use Ethernet and didn't care to much about wireless until now. I have noticed in the past that a later Intel Wireless driver update would keep the WiFi from enabling at all so I rolled the driver back to one that would stay enabled.

Now that I have a WiFi router I started using it to connect. Everything is set up and works just fine till I reboot. Every time I reboot or boot my computer The WiFi is off even though I have the option checked to enable WiFi every time the system starts. When I enable it a box pops in asking if I want to enable the Radio, I click yes and it all works normally till next system start and I have to do it all again, every time.

Why? and how do I get it all to work normally at system start?

I would appreciate any help/advice from anyone.