The problem is that I have hyperlinks to web pages in a number of my Excel files, and also in Word files. All of a sudden, the links don't call up the web pages. Instead, I get an error message like: "Unable to open http://[URL of link] . Cannot locate the internet server or proxy server."
My default browser is Firefox. If I copy the link from the Excel cell and manually paste it into Firefox it comes up just fine. This happens for all links that I try in Excel or Word.
If I press on a link that I have in Windows Explorer, it works fine as well.
I notice that I downloaded a Windows update on April 10: "Definition Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB982726) 32-Bit Edition."
Could this be the problem. I'm suspicious because this was in the first successful set of Windows Updates that I managed after the problems I chronicled in the thread:"Windows Update Not Working"
Anyone have any ideas?