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    'rotate' labels in reports

    I am using access-97, sr-2

    I have a report which is based on a table with several yes/no fields. I want to be able to rotate my labels, so that they are +/- 1-2 columns wide (but tall) so that I can have all of my yes/no boxes across the page of my report.

    Is there an add-in I can buy? I expect I can also export my report to excel and then use the format text option there.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance

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    Mike B

    Re: 'rotate' labels in reports

    i have a copy of an ocx from S. Lebans that I have used in the past.....would you like a copy? It is available for text boxes and labels...please specify...

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    Re: 'rotate' labels in reports

    Hi Mike

    I could use a copy used fr text boxes.

    Thanks, John

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