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    Anyone remember the Envoy printer?

    It was a product that was bundled with the WordPerfect suite, and offered similar options to Adobe PDF. It was a virtual printer that made either a file that could be opened using the Envoy reader, or it came bundled as an executable that included the reader. Very handy!

    I can't remember if it had any other options like securing with a password (I seem to remember that) and time limitation, or deletion after a period of time.

    Anyone have some insights into whether such old tech could still work today?


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    I just saw this post and if you're still around, I do recall Envoy but can't remember ever using it. It was originally a 16-bit program, worked on Windows 3.1x. I doubt it will work with Win7 and later, might with WinXP and questionable with WinVista. I didn't really get started creating .pdf files until about 10 years ago and a client paid half the cost of Adobe Acrobat so I could create .pdf documents for his rental business.


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