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    Taking Microsoft's Office for iPad for a spin


    Taking Microsoft's Office for iPad for a spin

    By Michael Lasky and Lincoln Spector

    Over 150 million is not a market size that anyone can ignore not even Microsoft. That's the number of iPads in use, many of them at work. Bowing to the obvious, Microsoft released Office for iPad on March 27 via the Apple App Store. It's a good start, but there are, of course, some serious limitations.

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    I think that this points to the fact that if you are going to do extensive work on MSFT applications, that getting something like a Lenovo Yoga would be far more useful than an iPad. I routinely use a laptop, iPad and iPhone, and find that, even with a bluetooth keyboard, (which drains the battery on the iPad quite quickly), that it's less than an optimal experience, being on the ipad for serious typing and editing of stuff like ppt. But if I was working in a business that routinely shared Office docs, I'd probably get this to view them. Might be better to look into simply running a viewer for remote access to a desktop/laptop though! You might want to review and compare the pros and cons of doing that.

    As to Onedrive, I just installed the app on my iPad yesterday. Since it gives me 25 GB of storage, its' far more than I'm getting from Amazon, Apple or Dropbox. MSFT's security is likely as good or better than them anyway. So I'm not so concerned about that being a showstopper. The new version seems to be better at integrating with the Apple OS, so that's a positive.

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