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    MS PhotoStory Replacement?

    I've been a long-time user of MS PhotoStory 3.1 (long abandoned by MS) for letting me take a set of my own jpg files, add a pan/zoom effect to each one (under my individual control), add narration to each picture, and a music track for the clip, and output the clip as a wmv video file. I particularly liked its ability to let me type a "script" for each picture, and when I recorded that script (individual picture by picture) in PhotoStory it would automatically choose the longer of the narration or pan/zoom effect for each picture, stretching the pan/zoom to match the length of my narration if it was the longer (it just left silence after the narration if the pan/zoom was longer).

    However, PhotoStory was created in an era when digital camera files were much smaller than what today's cameras produce, and its ability to handle large files (especially panoramas produced by stitching multiple shots) is very limited. It has other limitations, but I learned to work around them.

    Is there an equivalent program out there that will happily handle today's large image files, while retaining the ability to let me produce a narrated video clip that I control?

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    Have you looked at MS photo's part of there MS Essentials software.

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