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    Switches, managed or not?

    I handle an 18 pc Windows network, with a Linux file server and a Windows/SQL server with most of the work done in our accounting package on the SQL database.

    Our phone system is currently setup with all digital phones that are NOT part of the network, but we do have the option of adding IP phones in the future, and may do that.

    Does it make any sense to move to managed switches for this network? Would I just be making more work for myself?

    I was looking at the Cisco SG200-18 or -26 models.

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    Managed switches allow you to split traffic into streams for management purposes, like giving priority to VOIP traffic. This is of real benefit in large busy networks, but I wouldn't expect to see any difference in such a small network. As long as you are running a switch capable of decent throughput you should have no issues with VOIP.
    Note: cheaper switches generally have less internal bandwidth than more expensive switches, e.g. a cheap GB switch will have 1GB throughput on each port and 1GB throughput internally, so 10 ports running simultaneously would only have 100MB throughput. Always check the internal bandwidth when buying switches for corporate environments.

    cheers, Paul

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