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    How do you create add-in tabs with menus?

    I am currently using Word 2010 on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. When I had Word 2003, many, many years ago, I created an add-ins tab with 3 menu items. When the user selected one of the menu items there would be 4 sub-menus from which they could select customized templates. I would like to create the same type of add-in tab with menus and sub menus in Word 2010, but I don't know where to begin or if it can even be done. Can someone give me an idea how to do this. Thanks.

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    The new method is called custom Ribbon. I haven't figured it out yet but since I still have my old those that were created in 2003 will show up on the Addins Tab. Under Tools, Options, Customize Ribbon on the right hand side just check the Add-ins option to make sure the menu shows up. I like to move it up the chain show it shows right after the File menu and is automatically selected when the program is open. I don't have a Word example but here is what it looks like in Excel using my old Excel files.
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    Click on File | Options | Customize Ribbon. In the customize ribbon dialog at the bottom right there is a "New Tab" button. Experiment with that and the "Add Group" button.


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    If you actually want to put additional tabs on something that will be shared with others, do NOT use the customize the ribbon method that is available through the interface. Any customizations you write will overwrite anything on the recipient computer. Instead look at actually creating custom ribbons in Add-Ins that can supplement what is already there. The customize the ribbon methods through the interface are intended for individual use.
    See Customize the Ribbon on Greg Maxey's site. This involves fairly advanced vba skills and XML modifications.

    For three buttons, though, you could simply add buttons to the QAT and put them in a template that holds other modifications. That template could be used as a global template or add-in without erasing any customizations to the ribbon and QAT made already on recipient computers. This can be done entirely through the More Commands on the QAT modification within Word. It is at least as easy as the modifications you made in Word 2003.
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