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    Move Outlook.pst

    Is it possible to move Outlook.pst from Outlook 2010 to a new installation of Outlook 2013 by copy and paste, which is the way I move the pst file to Outlook 2010 on another pc now?

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    After you have Outlook 2013 setup, open the "old" pst file in Outlook 2013 and then you can "copy and paste" or select some items, right click, and "move". When you are finished just close the "old" file.


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    Hi Boghound,

    I am totally agree with Joe suggestion, but somewhere copy and paste can create some duplicate items in your current Outlook Data File.
    Rather than going for “copy and paste” option, you should prefer “Import and Export” wizard because using this method you can also apply to filter for the duplicate items.

    For more about Export and Import option:

    Clark Kent

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    Here is a cheat-sheet I wrote for an old version of Outlook. The process still works as I have done it for my Outlook 2007 & 2010 updates but some of the locations of the necessary options have changed so look them up and note the changes before starting. Of course you can ignore the part about Dual-Boot, i.e. you only need to do it once. FYI I keep my .PST files in an Outlook folder under Documents so it gets backed up w/rest of my docs. (I can't remember if MS has changed the default location to Documents but it didn't used to be there!) HTH

    Share MS Outlook .PST file on DUAL BOOT machine.
    1. Preparation
    Copy your desired version of the outlook.pst file to a partition/directory that is shared by both copies of the OSes installed.
    2. Log onto each OS in turn and do the following:
    • Start Outlook
    • Select: File, Data File Management.
    • Select: Your existing data file.
    • Select: Settings…
    • Prefix the file name with OLD.
    • Click: OK.
    • Click: Close.
    • Exit Outlook.
    3. Log onto each OS in turn and do the following:
    • Start Outlook.
    • Select: File, Data File Management, Add.
    • Select: Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)
    • Click: OK
    • Navigate to the drive/directory containing the copy of the Outlook.pst file.
    • Select: Outlook.pst.
    • Click: OK
    • Click: OK
    • Click: Close
    • Select: Tools, E-mail Accounts… (in Vista Account Settings…)
    • Select: View or Change existing e-mail accounts.
    • Select: One of your email accounts. NOTE: in Vista you have to do it to each account!
    • Change Deliver new e-mail to the following folder:
    • Select: The one WITHOUT OLD!
    • Click: OK, till you’re out to the main Outlook screen.
    • Select: File, Data File Management
    • VISTA ONLY: Select new file and click the Set As Default button.
    • Select: The file WITH OLD in the name.
    • Click: Remove
    • Click: Close
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