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    Opening accdb in Runtime shows nothing

    Hi guys, I just made a simple database for use in the office with a few other people and I'm having trouble getting it on their laptops.

    I currently have 2 laptops with full versions of Access 2013 on them and 3 others without. I've installed Runtime on the machines w/o Access and have them connect to a shared folder on one of the laptops with the backend while they have a copy of the frontend. Frontend is linked to the backend table with UNC coding path and yet when I try to open it on Runtime, I still get a blank screen with nothing but printing options.

    I definitely appreciate any help as I have little to no experience doing this and this is my first time creating/deploying a database.


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    Debugging issues on runtime installations is very tricky as you don't have the usual error handling tools like you do with a full version of Access. You start the runtime version by clicking on the front-end database and choosing open. At that point you should see the Navigation Pane unless your options hide it, but you should still be able to make it visible by pressing F11. Some additional details would be helpful in assisting you more: Do you have some sort of start-up form that loads automatically? Have you tried compiling the front-end as an .accde (that format tends to be more stable)? Finally do you get any error messages?
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    Is the backend in a trusted folder?

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