You don't have to answer this, and it's not at all urgent, but may be interesting.

I've recently upgraded at home and at work to Win7 Professional.

I'm working on a Project in MS Word VBA, and I use Dropbox (a sort of cloud storage software) to synchronise the latest versions between work and home.

At work and at home, I'm using Word in Office 2010.

At home, opening the Document, my Forms are under Forms in the VBE, my modules are under "Modules in the VBE, and "This Document" is under "Microsoft Word Objects" in the VBE (so far so good).

At work, when I open the same Document, everything is under "Modules" (Forms, Modules, and This Document).

It's the same document!!!

Updates applied at either work or home are correctly updated and propagated.


I suspect it may be a "settings" thing, but I can't find anything obvious which would control the presentation of elements within the VB Editor.

Any bright ideas?