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    The evolutionary path that Microsoft would suggest is to create a web-app using SharePoint, and that might be an alternative, but it does preclude the use of VBA in your "front-end" - does your current Access front-end use VBA? There is also a cost of using SharePoint and that may be an issue. I think you should consider engaging an experienced consultant to look at your current design before you go much further. I agree with your concern in an earlier post; this has the potential to be a disaster that throws you under the bus!

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    Company policy -- no Access databases on the Sharepoint sites. There is very little VBA in the database anyway. Think I'll create a few simple queries that I know will retrieve some of the most requested data, then "encourage assistance from others" to create the sophistication that is expected.

    Thanks for the assistance, particularly in saving time by my not getting engaged in a losing process to begin with.

    Will let you know if I see progress and I'm sure you'll here from me again!

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