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    Windows 8.1 - Recovery boot disc will not boot

    This is my first post so please bear with me (I am 87 years old with not a lot of experience).
    I refer to a posting headed "Langa - Recovery Disk with Custom Recovery Image" and to a sentence in the first response reading "Better yet; find yourself a decent 3rd party imaging application and create a fully functional boot disk".
    That response connects with my current problem which is that I have created a 'fully functional boot disk' (with Acronis T I 2014 in my new Toshiba L50 notebook ruand seems to be compldetely ignored nning Windows 8.1 plus update) and tested it in a Windows 7 PC where it boots faultlessly.
    However, when I try to test that same recovery boot disc in my Toshiba/Win 8.1 PC it does not boot and seems to be completely ignored except for a slight sound from the optical drive evidently made as Windows recognises the disc. When I use File Explorer I can see that it recognises the presence of the boot disc but I assumme that would be too late if I should ever try to use the disc when the computer will not start normally.
    I am guessing that the problem lies somewhere in the security features of Windows 8.1 and, if so, wonder if there is any way to configure the recovery disc so that Windows will allow it to boot ?
    Or is there some different solution to using my Acronis recovery boot disc ?
    Alvina Lakes.

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    Have you gone into the BIOS and changed the boot configuration to allow booting from the disc? Have you turned off Secure Boot?

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    When your machine first powers up, after the UEFI firmware scrutinizes the system, you should be presented with an options screen (white letters on a black screen) for several seconds, with just a couple of options, each being assigned a function key. My system is "F2 for Setup" and "F12 for Boot Options". Yours will likely have something similar. The "Boot Options" menu is for a one-time boot. The next boot will revert to normal.

    You want to select "Boot Options", and you will be presented with another menu of actual bootable media available to you (one will of course be the hard drive). The system will pause on this menu, giving you plenty of time to read it and make your selection. This is where you will be able to make your selection to boot from your recovery boot disc. It should be recognized by UEFI as a bootable device and allow you to select and boot from it, if it was configured correctly and was a good burn.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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