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    Windows7 Fax Coverpage Garbage

    Windows 7sp1 is supposed to be able to fax, and and to start a fax with a coverpage. The standard coverpages that should come with Win7 (and I think also with WinXP) are confident.cov, fyi.cov, generic.cov, and urgent.cov. But on my 64-bit Windows7sp1 laptop, the coverpages look like the attached image: Fax Coverpage Replaced by File Conversion.html.

    The image illustrates an attempt to produce confident.cov, but the same sort of stuff occurs for fyi.cov, generic.cov, and urgent.cov. And the image is set to Windows (Default), but the other options for MS-DOS and Other encoding give the same sort of stuff.

    I would very much appreciate knowing how to persuade Windows7sp1 to supply ordinary coverpages that are useful (and ideally, that can be edited).

    R.N. (Roger) Folsom

    P.S. I have no idea why the image shows Microsoft Word Viewer, at the bottom of the image, as Running virus scan... I use Eset's anti-malware software, and it would tell me if it was running a scan.
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