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    How long will Intel chips & assoc. mobos work with XP?

    This is an issue I have not so far seen any commentary about, so I would like to raise it. I build my own (Intel-based) systems and have several older ones that currently run XP. I'm quite resigned to disconnect these from the Internet, so as to use them only to run older apps. But my question is, for how long will hardware (mostly CPU/mobos) support this platform? It appears from specs. (Gigabyte boards) that all chips up to (and including?) the Z87 work with XP, but after that it is unclear.

    I.e., I would like to get an idea of how long the XP-compatible chips will be available, so that just before the cutoff, I can run out & buy several backup CPUs/mobos.

    Anyone have a clue on this?

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    The x86 chips will be capable of running XP for quite a long time. It is not so much the chips as the drivers. If XP does not have the proper chipset drivers and Intel declines to provide them you are out of luck.

    See this Intel page for more information - Desktop Boards -
    Supported operating systems


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    For now at least, I don't think it is so much the Processors, although, of course, at some point they will drop 32-bit support.

    It's the EUFI BIOS that does not have Legacy or Compatibility Support Module (CSM) that is the problem. Some systems are relatively easy to change the settings so that you can load XP or Linux, and some of them don't have settings that allow it.

    Maybe there will be systems that can be configured for Legacy operating systems for years to come, and maybe there won't be. I don't have a sense for which way it's going to go, but dell often deletes options from the BIOS settings to simplify support. If you can't do it, then Dell doesn't have to support it.

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    I think you are looking at this backwards.
    Software is written to support a chip-set, hardware is not developed to support software.
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