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    How to install different language in IE6 (1)

    I downloaded IE6 set up executable file from microsoft download center. I installed it afterwards. But I cannot browse the web site in Chinese.

    So I started up Windows Update from Web Browser menu bar Tools -> Windows Update. I clicked Product Updates option and entered into the new page. But I could not see any Language Option from Addtional Windows Features section in this page. (This is the link to this page

    Could anyone tell me why I could not see the language option and how can I setup the language that I want for the browser?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: How to install different language in IE6 (1)

    Do you want to know a Microsoft dark secret? Internet Explorer for different Windows versions is a different program! There are language add-ins for IE6 for Windows 95/98, but there are NOT for Windows 2000/XP. You must install language supprort for Windows (Control Panel | Regional Options), switch to language you want (in your case, Chinese), and then you will see Windows Update Website in Chinese.
    For other websites, make sure that in IE6 Language Autoselect (View | Encoding | Auto-Select) is checked.

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