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    Windows Explorer left pane/folder view irritation resolution

    This is related to a thread I started that is too old to make a reply.

    Hope link works, editing from a phone.

    Applies to Win8, 7, Vista - XP was the last time the OS behaved properly in this instance.

    Essentially the problem is in Windows Explorer, some times when you click the triangle next to a folder in the left pane (known as "folder view") the folder you just expanded falls away from the pointer to the bottom of the folder view pane.

    POSSIBLE/PARTIAL or FULL Resolution:

    I'll try to be brief!

    In the folder view, the left pane,
    Is the folder you want to expand also the highlighted/chosen/current folder that is open/being viewed in the right pane/file view?

    If YES, it will behave badly, i.e. when you click the expand triangle the directory will fall away from the mouse/pointer EVERY TIME

    INSTEAD, click/highlight some other folder, any other folder, in the left pane/folder view---THEN click the expand triangle for the folder you need to explore.

    I don't think whether you select above or below the desired folder matters. This is the best work around I've found.

    The other work around is to get used to working with folder in the file view <-poor

    Hope my EMPHATIC formatting isn't irritating!

    Maybe mark this resolved? TIA!

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    daddy-o, you took great panes to bring us this good news
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